Meg Nunn & Mens Inter Association Update

At the recent AGM (24th October 2021) it was discussed and decided by the Delegates of Member Clubs in attendance to suspend GNQ participation in the Mens Inter-association (Men) and the Meg Nunn (Women) events after the year 2022.
In the discussion it was noted that the funds used, only benefited the elite golfers within the district and was to the exclusion of the B & C grade golfer alike.
Therefore, GNQ will not be financing any teams in these events going forward past 2022.

It was decided that this money could be used with greater effect within our district. Although the GNQ Board was not involved in voting on this decision, it is now up to the Board to devise a better use for these funds within the GNQ District for the benefit of all golfers.

Points have been updated on Web