Junior Golfer of the Year (OOM) (3, 6, 9 & 18 hole players)

The OOM (Golfer of the Year) Awards encourage players of all divisions (3, 6 9 & 18 hole players) to participate freely in a GNQ Junior Open Championship and member Clubs Opens. The top performing Golf North Queensland competitors are recognized annually by being crowned the Golfer of the Year.

Points Allocation

Competitors earn points throughout the season as outlined by the Order of Merit (OOM) system that has been established by Golf North Queensland.  All points are based on combined GROSS and NETT scores in each Division on handicaps.  Golf North Qld reserves the right to declare a player ineligible to receive OOM Points for an Open during the period when a player is from an un-financial club or a club with a payment plan not approved by GNQ or a club who have missed their payment plan due date. 



Missing 2023 KWJM (01 April)