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Ampol Australia

Crokers Fuel & Oils, is one of Ampol Australia’s branded and accredited Distributor partners.  Crokers is a Mackay local and is proudly independently owned.   Our expertise and experience enables us to safely serve customers throughout the Mackay, Proserpine and Clermont regions across a number of industries including farm and bulk deliveries, depots, unmanned facilities, marine and retail sites.  Ampol Distributor partners are everywhere you are and have a long legacy of being part of your local regional community by not only employing locals, they also contribute to various sponsorships, community fundraisers and are critical in times of natural disasters.  Whether you need quality Amplify fuels and or Mobil lubricants, your local Ampol Distributor has you covered, along with the same great customer service and support you can expect from Ampol.

Contact Name: Darren Roks
Address: P O Box 617 Buddina QLD 4575
Mobile: 0407 235 733
Email: droks@ampol.com.au
Website: www.ampol.com.au

Crokers Fuel & Oils

Crokers Fuel & Oils Pty Ltd is an approved and accredited distributor of quality fuels for Ampol Australia and Mobil lubricants.  In addition to the extensive range of fuels and lubricants, Crokers experience and expertise will ensure you and your business benefit from our experience, expertise, supply chain reliability and the customer support we are known for.  Our head office and main depot is located in the industrial precinct of Paget in Mackay with two strategically located depots in Proserpine and Clermont.

Contact Name: David Hindle
Address: (PO Box 5497) 5-9 Connors Rd, Mackay QLD 4740
Phone: 0748478170
Mobile: 0407 633 055
Email: davidh@crokers.com.au
Website: https://www.crokers.com.au/